Water Eliminator® Storage Tank Model – Part Number ST-S31 / ST-B31

Installation Instructions

The WATER ELIMINATOR installs in minutes using the hardware enclosed. Tools required are 1⁄4 electric drill, a 3/16-inch drill bit, a pair of pliers and a small crescent or open wrench. Drill a hole in the tank cap (where ever the eyebolt will not interfere with the correct operation of the cap) using the 3/16 drill bit.

Install the eyebolt with a plain nut next to the eye followed by a flat washer and a neoprene washer, in the hole drilled in the cap. The eye should be on the inside of the cap with the neoprene washer contacting the cap. Next install the other neoprene washer, a flat washer and the elastic stop nut. Tighten the elastic stop nut until the neoprene washers are compressed slightly.

NOTICE: There must always be a length of chain sufficient to permit the canister to lie flat on the bottom of the tank.

To install the inner cartridge (ST-B31), twist the cap clockwise and pull. The cap should come free of the canister. Slip the cartridge (ST-B31) into the canister, making sure that there are no folds or twists in the cartridge. Insert the cap in the open end of the canister while pressing lightly on the cap until the springs snap into the closed slots. Make sure that the springs are protruding from the three slots. If the spring does not protrude from the slot, remove the cap and adjust the spring by reforming it slightly outward.

The WATER ELIMINATOR® should be checked periodically and the inner cartridge should be replaced when full (replacement part #ST-B31 –Refill Package) On an intial installation in a tank that already may contain water the cartridge should be checked in 24 hours and replaced if full.