Storage Tank Model

1A waterstoragelarge.JPGThere are currently in excess of 3,000,000 bulk storage tanks in North America used for storing fuels, fluids and chemicals. There are two primary types of storage tanks, underground and above ground. Currently underground storage tanks (USTs) represent the dominant type in use, however recent implantation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s UST regulations has promoted a shift to above ground tanks.

Condensation, seepage, water contained in supply fuel and water contamination during refueling are the primary concerns of storage tank owners. Condensation represents a consistent problem in all types of storage tanks; however, it becomes a serious problem in AST’s. Ambient air temperatures fluctuate more greatly than underground soil temperatures causing greater amounts of condensation.

The Water Eliminator Storage Tank Model is a two-part system consisting of an outer container fabricated from stainless steel and a replaceable nylon cartridge containing a small amount of water specific material. The unit attaches to the fuel cap by a chain and is lowered into the tank where it rests flat on the bottom and extracts the water as is accumulated. The simple to use “twist to close” operation requires no tools for the replacement of the cartridge.

When first installing the unit on an older storage tank it may be necessary to use several cartridges to remove the water. If the tank is badly polluted it is recommended that the tank be pumped first prior to the installation of The Water Eliminator. The unit should be checked periodically and the cartridge changed when over ¾ full.

Specifications: Storage Tank Model Container ST-S31

• Fabricated from 304 stainless steel

• Heavy electro-zinc plated chain, 16 feet long

• All attaching hardware provided

• Dimensions: 3.5” in diameter by 31.25” long

Specifications: Storage Tank Cartridge ST-B31

• Fabricated from nylon screen cloth

• Dimensions 3.25” in diameter by 30” long

• Contents: In excess of one gallon