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Lamp & Wiring Tester

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Product Applications:

  • Checks Sealed Lamps and Power Plug
  • Checks Wiring Function
  • Compact Design
  • Can Be Used Anywhere
  • 9 Volt Battery (included)

Product Description:

The Lamp and Wiring Tester tests both single and dual phase sealed bulbs and the plug or socket that connects the lamp. The A side is for testing sealed lamps. The B side is for testing the plug or socket going to the lamp you are testing. Each side has an indicator for Stop & Tail. By inserting the pin on side A of your tester into the base of a sealed lamp, two red indicators will light if the bulb is good. If no indicator lights, the bulb is bad. By reversing the tester to side B, you can test for voltage at the lamp plug or socket. If the red indicators light, voltage is present at the socket. The tester works on both 12 and 24 volt VDC circuits.


Some of these products contain a chemical known to the State of California that
could causecancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. More info here.

Certains de ces produits contiennent un produit chimique connu de l'État de Californie cela pourrait causer le cancer, des malformations congénitales et / ou d'autres problèmes de reproduction. Plus d'infos ici.

Algunos de estos productos contienen una sustancia química conocida por el Estado de California que podría causar cáncer, defectos de nacimiento y / u otros daños reproductivos. Más información aquí.