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ATTC has now transitioned into The Water Eliminator. We are focused on the water elimination products group. 

Our Story

A group of Silicon Valley engineers and marketing professionals founded American Transportation Technology Corporation (ATTC) in January of 1988. The corporate objective of American Transportation Technology is to provide imaginative, advanced technology products to the transportation industry. Our initial product was The Water Eliminator, a product which was designed to remove water directly from the fuel tank reducing problems such as: fuel line freeze-up, water damage to carburetors, injectors and other engine components due to the presence of water in the fuel system. When the present configuration had been molded, tests were run at the top rated commercial testing laboratory for the transportation industry in the US. The purpose of these tests was to prove that by placing the product into the fuel in a vehicular tank would not introduce anything harmful to the fuel, fuel system or engine. The laboratory tests on The Water Eliminator found it to have no effect on the properties of fuel. The results from these tests clearly indicated that the chemical and physical properties of fuel are not altered by the presence of The Water Eliminator.

In May of 1988 The Water Eliminator was introduced at the International Trucking Show in Anaheim California. The market reception to the product was excellent. On August 29, 1989 ATTC was granted a US Patent for its development of the Water Eliminator. After our initial product introduction ATTC expanded its product line to include a larger version of The Water Eliminator designed to remove water from fuel storage tanks. With the success in the Heavy Duty trucking industry a large OEM approached ATTC to develop a size that would allow the product to be used in their specific application. The Water Eliminator WE1-3.5 was the answer. This was ATTC’s first venture in to the consumer market. The new size was initially designed for marine applications but soon found its way into the snowmobile market where water in fuel is a very big problem. In June of 1992 The Water Eliminator was approved for use in US Military vehicles by the US Army Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. On July 18, 1994 after five years of work ATTC was granted a Japanese Patent.

In the early 90’s ATTC expanded its product line to include The Circuit Chaser. This product was designed to quickly find and repair short or faulty circuits in a tractor-trailer’s electrical system by allowing a driver or mechanic to check power at the 7-pin connector on the tractor and the cord that connects the tractor to the trailer. The product allows a truck driver to perform an on-the-road repair of their lighting system. This helps reduce the need to have a mechanic make an expensive road call. Every truck driver and mechanic should have this product in their tool box.

The next product in our electrical line was the Lamp and Wiring Tester. This is a simple hand held device that quickly checks continuity in sealed lamps that are commonly found on heavy-duty trucks and trailers and boat trailers. This product can check both the continuity in the lamp and power from the plug. With growing popularity of the Circuit Chaser ATTC developed the 5/4 Trailer Harness Checker. This product checks both 4 and 5 pin flat connectors in small trailer applications. It reduces the need for a test light allowing the customer to quickly check each circuit on the tow vehicle’s trailer plug. While towing, the unit can be left in-line constantly monitoring the power to the trailer.

ATTC has focused our marketing through OEM private branded products and specialty distributors. In May of 2018 ATTC will be introducing its new consumer product line at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. The new products include an updated version of our WE1-3.5C which works in boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn and garden, gas cans, portable generators and other small power equipment. We will also be showcasing our new 12” Water Eliminator that is applicable to larger farm, AG and construction equipment, small fuel storage tanks and fuel transfer tanks. We have also just completed new tooling for the original Water Eliminator, which will be available in mid 2018.

With over 30 years experience in product development, manufacturing and distribution ATTC recently opened a consulting division. Our extensive knowledge of US and Far East manufacturing, product procurement, import / export and logistics puts us in position to assist companies in achieving their goals.

ATTC has a large customer base of OEMs, national and international specialty distributors who are looking for products to bring into their distribution channel. Whether a company needs contract manufacturing, offshore sourcing, or product distribution, ATTC can help companies form alliances or partners to bring their products or ideas to market.